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Yuendumu, Australia is a location in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves in the episode, Rumble Down Under.


The Australian Outback is home to The Guru, Murray's Dreamtime mentor. During the course of the second episode, Rumble Down Under, Sly, Bentley and Murray must compete with kangaroos and dingoes along with the sinister Mask of Dark Earth.

The guards faced in this level are miners who are working at the various mines in the area. They patrol all around the mines and around the Lemonade bar.


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The first job is "Search for the Guru," where Sly must find the Guru. He is told by Murray that the old cave is where the Guru normally resides. After checking that and finding no sign of the Guru, Murray tells Sly that he may be at the hut. After reaching the hut, the Guru can't be seen but the place has been ransacked, as commented by Sly. Bentley then informs Sly about a makeshift stockade near the miners hut of where the Guru may be. After heading over to the stockade, Sly meets the Guru.

The Guru then requests to meet with Bentley and Murray separately.


  • Kangaroos
  • Dingoes
  • Flashlight dingoes
  • Mask of Dark Earth dingo
  • Gyrocopter


  • There's a real life town called Yuendumu, Northern Territory located 500 miles form the Ayers Rock.

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