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"You've got the map Sly. Select it as a power-up and read it's clues to find the treasure. I believe the first clue is... stand before the statue's gaze, to begin your walk along the treasure's maze."
— Bentley to Sly after arriving on Dagger Island

X Marks the Spot
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Chronological Information
NextCrusher from the Depths
Real World Information
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

X Marks the Spot is the fourth job in Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Use the treasure map to find and unearth the deep sea diving equipment of Dimitri's granfather, Reme Lousteau.


Go to the job and Bentley starts telling Sly about what to do. Sly says stealing a pirate boat is every thief's dream and it is a rite of passage. Sly is very enthusiastic about this job. As Sly, paraglide over to the jollyboat and control will switch to Murray. Row the boat to the ship and avoid the mines in the water. Sly climbs aboard and takes out three guards, two flashlight guards and one dog with two swords. After that, Murray rows everyone to the ship and Sly, Bentley, and Murray talk about setting sail and Skull Keep's cannons. Control switches to Sly and the ship. You can move around as Sly, but to steer the ship, use L2 to steer left and R2 to steer right. Steer the boat to the mouth of the harbor. Once out, the controls are still the same. Click R3 (the right analog stick), the triangle button, the square button, or the "X" button to get into the map. There is a red "X" on Dagger Island, so head over to the beach. Once you get there, a battle begins. Click the circle button near a cannon to fire it. Once the mast is down, you can either choose to sink it with another cannon being fired or you can jump onto the ship and get treasure by beating the captain. After that, you are on the beach and control switches to Sly. Access the map by clicking L1. To find the diving gear, use the clues to get to the beach with rocks spelling "SOS". The whole Cooper Gang goes to see Dimitri open the chest. LeFwee and his crew come to your location and capture Penelope.


  • You will need the Silent Obliteration gadget for Sly in this job.
  • This is the job where the treasure map and steering the ship are introduced.


IMG 0787
Murray and the jollyboat
IMG 0788
The ship Sly and his gang are planning to steal.
IMG 0789
Silent Obliteration in action
IMG 0790
The ship while sailing it
IMG 0793
Firing a cannon
IMG 0794
Sailing a ship in the sea
IMG 0795
The map
IMG 0797
IMG 0799
Ship health bar
IMG 0800
Treasure map
IMG 0803
LeFwee and Penelope

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