Oh boy. Here comes the big guns... and by "guns" I mean a giant flying whale-dragonfly thing covered in robotic junk! Wait! Dr. M is plugged into that monstrosity!
— Bentley to an airborne Sly before he battle's Dr. M and his Whale-Fly[src]

The Whale-Fly was one of the mutants genetically altered by Dr. M that consisted of a cross between dragonfly and whale. It was a boss in "Danger in the Skies."


Dr. M installed a device in which he would be able to monitor the mutant's actions through interface. The mutant was deployed against Sly Cooper during his efforts to retrieve his cane from Dr. M. within Kaine Island. It was equipped with sinkers which could be destroyed with Sly's biplane missile launcher. It was also equipped with a green energy emitter that could  fire in a DNA like pattern or, in a complex pattern. The energy emitter attack could only be avoided by flying in the center of it. 

Dr. M removed the whale-fly's vocal cords at some point.[1]