Wolves were rooftop guards from Jailbreak and A Tangled Web of Sly 2: Band of Thieves that were encountered in Prague.


They were brown wolves with red eyes, wearing a sleeveless black shirt, shorts, wristbands and footwear and a gray rope belt. They use a mace to repeatedly crush their foes. They sometimes posed as gargoyles around the Contessa's prison and castle and would break free of the stone if the player neared them. Some of them could also release small purple spiders, similar to the Contessa.



  • If an enemy escapes from them, they will howl.
  • Their moveset consists of a downward smash, a swing and a charged swing, all of which are similar to some of Sly's moves.
  • They could often be found lying down, allowing the player to get in an easy hit.