That did it Murray! With the aqua pump out of commission they'll be forced to root water from the pipe tower. Those fools! They're playing right into our hands!
— Bentley after Murray destroys the aqua pump[src]

"Waterpump Destruction" was a job for Murray in The Black Chateau of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. This is the first time you take control of Murray, and acts as a tutorial to learn his controls.


Murray needs to destroy a waterpump in order to force Dimitri to root water from the water tower that stands outside, which is an integral part of Bentley's plan. Murray enters the waterpump room using the code that Sly saw Dimitri enter. Inside, Bentley tells him that he needs to destroy the security stations in order to get past the lasers that guard the tunnel. He does so, destroying two sets of lasers using ice blocks and other miscellaneous objects.

Making his way further through the tunnel, he takes out a guard with an ice block, and then enters the waterpump room. This room, while heavily guarded, provides no challenge for The Murray. He knocks out guard after guard and throws a total of five of them into the open waterpump, clogging it, and officially putting it out of commission. Mission complete.

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