The water tower is a small building located in Paris, France. It was one of the most important points in "Operation: Thunder Beak," from The Black Chateau. It was used to pump water to Dimitri Lousteau's nightclub and was the source of the water fountain located in the town's main square.



Inside of the tower

During "Operation: Thunder Beak," Bentley and Murray head out to the water tower and switched the valves in order to cut the pressure from the plaza fountain. Therefore, a repair man would show up. This allowed Sly Cooper to pick his pocket and steal the truck key for use later in the operation.


  • During "Operation: Thunder Beak," there is a part where Murray has to throw Bentley up to the tower. Sometimes, there's a glitch where the spot where Bentley is supposed to land is blocked, and to proceed, the mission should be restarted.