Water rats, also known as Mojo Dupree, were enemy guards that Sly Cooper encountered in Haiti.

Description Edit

They were tall, brown rats that served as Mz. Ruby's flashlight guards and her main security force guarding her swamp lair. They wore black pants with a red band, a necklace made out of bones, a candle in their heads and two orange bracelets in their left arm. They carried a staff with a skull on top that emitted a powerful light which the voodoo mystics used to spot intruders. If they spotted an enemy, they would use their voodoo magic to defeat their foes. Sly's Binocucom states that they enjoy golf.


  • Because of their last name, they might have a relation to Clarence Dupree, the giant mosquito.
  • Related to their favorite hobby, they taunt Sly by using their staff as a golf club and the voodoo orb as a golf ball.