Warthogs were enemy guards that Sly Cooper and the gang encountered in Paris, France. They were the main security force employed by Dimitri Lousteau to protect his Nightclub from intruders and served as flashlight guards.


They were huge, gray warthogs that wore blue jackets, gold chain necklaces, blue pants, black boots and black gloves. As their weapon of choice, they used their pistols to inflict massive damage to their foes. They also used their flashlights to spot possible intruders. Sly needed to hit them four times to defeat them. However, if he used his silent attack to take them out, (TriangleButton SquareButton), he could defeat them with one single strike.



  • Warthogs are arguably the most well-known enemy in the entire series. They make a brief appearance in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, where Murray is shown beating them up in a flashback cutscene. They also make an appearance with Arpeggio's birds as enemies in PlayStation Move Heroes, which Sly and Bentley were involved in.
  • In Sly 3, during "Hidden Flight Roster" of Flight of Fancy, Sly talks to Dimitri inside the hotel. If you look behind Dimitri, there is a warthog guard's head on display.
  • Several warthogs make appearances in the first issue of The Adventures of Sly Cooper, though with minor differences such as being much weaker.