Vicious Voodoo is the third episode in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Sly travels to Haiti to face Mz. Ruby, the Chief Mystic and third member of the Fiendish Five.



The gang learns that, born to two voodoo mystics, Mz. Ruby was often feared as a child and had to resort to making friends with the undead. As an adult, she used her powers to punish the world for fearing her as a child. Joining the Fiendish Five, she eventually fled into obscurity, hiding deep within the Haitian jungle.


"The Dread Swamp Path"
Sly and the gang arrive at Mz. Ruby's swamp. Sly uses his new rail walk move on the vines of the swamp to explore the dreadful place. He comes across some of Mz. Ruby's swamp monster and water rat forces. After he finds the first of Mz. Ruby's treasure keys, he moves on to the next area.
"The Swamp's Dark Center"
The main hub level of Vicious Voodoo. From here, Sly can enter several other levels. It is here that Sly first hears Mz. Ruby's plan to built an army of ghosts and take over all of Mexico.
"The Lair of the Beast"
Sly discovers a gigantic voodoo-protected gate which supposedly is keeping something inside. Sly ventures through the dark location until he comes across a giant serpent called the Beast. He must avoid the vicious snake at all costs and recover Mz. Ruby's treasure key. Once he succeeds, he moves on to the next level.
"A Grave Undertaking"
Sly enters an area of Mz. Ruby's swamp that is filled with ghost rats. He must destroy all of the gravestones and find the third treasure key, before the ghost cats turn Sly into one of them.
"Piranha Lake"
Sly finds another one of Mz. Ruby's treasure keys, but this one is guarded by a massive gate. The only way to open it is to light 25 tiki torches with the flame thrower on his swamp skiff. The flamethrower needs fuel, and the only source of oil are the piranhas swimming in the lake. Sly must run them down with his skiff and open the gate before time runs out.
"Descent Into Danger"
Sly enters the center of Mz. Ruby's operation; a waterfall overflowing with bones and body parts which Mz. Ruby uses to create her ghosts. Sly must venture through the dangerous location and retrieve another one of Mz. Ruby's treasure keys.
"A Ghastly Voyage"
Sly must use his skiff to destroy many of the gravestones spawning ghost rats. He must be careful, though. The ghosts aren't going to make things easy, and a bad move can earn him a one way trip to the depths of the swamp. Once he succeeds, he moves on to the next area.
"Down Home Cooking"
Bentley makes a deal with one of Mz. Ruby's ghosts. The ghost rat promises to give Sly the last treasure key if he can whack 50 chickens for the ghost's pot of gumbo. Sly must whack the chickens and escape the crazed Bomb Toting Roosters before the time runs out.
"A Deadly Dance"
Sly enters the Skull Temple and faces the Chief Mystic of the Fiendish Five. Mz. Ruby mocks Sly's attempts to stop her, and offers him a ride to get near her. However, such generosity is not without a catch. Sly must repeat everything Mz. Ruby does, in a wicked game of Voodoo Simon Says. Once he succeeds, Mz. Ruby is defeated and put behind bars, and the Haitian Jungle is free of her malice.


Mz. Ruby's section of the Thievius Raccoonus contained an entry for Sly's pioneering ancestor, Slytunkhamen Cooper. His Invisibility technique allowed him to steal from corrupt pharaohs and greedy noblemen. Right on schedule, Inspector Fox's arrival cued Sly's exit. The production of zombies, which were made illegal in the World Peace Accord of '71, earned Mz. Ruby a life sentence behind bars.

Sly and the gang then enjoyed a few weeks in the tropical sunshine, working on their tans in preparation for their next caper.



Bentley: Sorry Sly, but this is one mission you're gonna have to accomplish without me.
Sly: You don't believe in ghosts do you?
Bentley: Sure I do, my sensors picked up verifiable paranormal activity. But that's not the problem... this swamp is oozing with disgusting mold and bacteria.
Sly: Suck it up, Bentley. We've got work to do.
Bentley: Well alright then. Don't forget to use the new move you've learned from Muggshot's section of the Thievious Raccoonus.
Sly: You mean the raccoon rail walk?
Bentley: The roots and vines around here are perfect for that. All you have to do is-
Sly: Jump and hit the circle button.
Bentley: Especially where you see the bark has been worn away, and where it's super slick from icky slime and moss, you'll rail slide like a skater-grinding pipe.
Sly: I'm liking it.
— As they enter the swamp[src]
Mz. Ruby: Hmmmm. I could hear that Cooper vibe coming; most distastefully bad juju.
Sly: Yeah? Well you give me the creeps too, lady. Cooking up an army of ghosts isn't a very neighborly pastime.
Mz. Ruby: Oh, Sly, I see your mouth moving, but all I hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH. Well, if jaws need to flap, then let them flap! See you in the next world, Sly Cooper.
Sly: Come back here! You can't run away forever.
Mz. Ruby: Quite true, quite true. Why don't I have my servant Chumley escort you over here?
Sly:Alright, what's the catch?
Mz. Ruby: Oh, not much... just a little game I like to play with all my annoying guests. I wanna see how well you pay attention.
Sly: What do you mean?
Mz. Ruby: Well, I'll unleash my mighty mojo magic upon you. If you repeat what I do, you'll dodge it just fine. If not, you'll get zapped! Ha, ha, ha!
Sly: A little Voodoo Simons Says, huh? Sounds easy enough.
— Before they fight[src]
Mz. Ruby: You surely got some rhythm, raccoon, but it won't help you none if you're fixing to go after the Panda King. He's tough, with a capital T. You go poking around his stronghold in China, you're likely to get poked back.
Sly: Yeah? Well, if he's anything like the rest of you, I think I'll manage.
— After beating Mz. Ruby[src]


  • This is the first episode to feature ghosts. The second is "A Tangled Web" from Sly 2: Band of Thieves.
  • This is the first episode where Sly is shown on the title card, though it's just a voodoo doll of him.
  • This episode has the largest amount of enemy types in the whole game.
  • In the PS Vita version, the music for "A Ghastly Voyage" doesn't ramp up whenever you're in combat.
  • When sliding on vines or landing on spire-jump points, Sly will sometimes glitch to the side of them instead of actually being on them.