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Venice, Italy was the first location the gang traveled to in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and is the setting of An Opera of Fear. It is a large city that has been overrun by the mob. The gang's leader is Don Octavio, an opera singer and a wealthy mob boss. Angry at a society that no longer enjoys opera, Octavio has chosen to lash out by joining the mafia. His greatest desire is to bring what he loves back into the spotlight, using any means necessary.

It is possible that due to the one year production schedule of the game, the Venice, Italy environment is truly an altered version of the Paris, France world from Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Many of the buildings, as well as sections of the area, look identical or similar to those found in Paris. Differences include the inclusion of bridges, water, boats, and a couple of choice buildings (most of which are important to the story, like the Venetian landmarks), as well as the daytime setting.



In the third installment of the Sly Cooper series, the game map and location of Venice contains a lot of real Italian town structures and buildings. A Ferris Wheel existed in the central part of the plaza until Bentley re-wired it so that it fell off and get destroyed. The only historic landmark seen in Venice is Rialto Bridge. As in most old towns and cities in Italy, a canal system is the main hub of vehicular transit. Gondolas and tour boats are seen floating around the canal ways in Sly 3. The police headquarters were established on the east side of the map, just north of the safe house. The safe house is on the southeastern corner of the map, in an upstairs apartment. Occasionally, small guards will patrol the roofs and flashlight guards will patrol the streets. The Venetian Opera House is the main base of operations of organized crime directed by Don Octavio. It has a large, ceramic dome with a few bell towers on the top. Out of all, the building is heavily secured and is enhanced with unique, advanced 3D security measures, which render naked optical sight useless within the structure. Double-buttoned doors are present all around, as well as a large water flooded basement protected with lasers and flame-throwing measures, and finally, a large supply room that contains the tar boilers, pipes, and main pumps.

An Opera of FearEdit

Police HQ
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Police H.Q. is the first subtle mission in the Venice heist by the Cooper Gang. It all starts when Sly Cooper asks Bentley for permission to find Murray in the city area. Sly enters the building with caution via the top ventilation system. Instead, he finds Dimitri, an old rival of his from Paris, a year ago in the events in Sly 2. He convinces Dimitri to help him in return for Murray's location. While Sly sneaks into Inspector Carmelita Fox's office, the lights get on the fritz while she is briefing her mercenaries on the current situation in Venice. Sly uses tables to his advantage to crawl during the light outage. He manages to get into Dimitri's cell, decode the locker, and turn the key. Dimitri keeps true to his promise, and tells Sly to meet him at Rialto Bridge. He distracts Carmelita outside, and Dimitri slips away unnoticed. (Note that Dimitri is never seen escaping in the game while Sly annoyed the INTERPOL operatives.)

Outside now, Sly fraternizes with Inspector Fox to annoy her. She starts strafing Sly with her shock pistol, but Sly is more cunning and athletic, and bounces, rolls, and runs on whatever he can use to his advantage in the canal. Soon, he makes it to the streets where a land chase begins. She runs right after Cooper at top speed. Sly makes it to Rialto Bridge, and jumps into the sewer where Murray is found. Once in another section of uptown Venice, Sly asks Murray to explain why he is here. Murray says promises to tell the "long and awesome story." The mission ends with this state of conclusion.

Octavio Snap
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Bentley asks for Sly to compile photographic data on Don Octavio's activities. He informs Sly that he intercepted an radio transmission from one of Octavio's mobsters's satellite phones. Sly trails Octavio, as he turns valves linking into the city's water system, pumping boiling tar into it and contaminating it. In the last parts of the mission, Sly (as well as Bentley through some communication feed), witness an aquarium of fish near the plaza be flooded with tar. Bentley reacts with anger to this fiendish act with adrenaline and utmost concern. Sly is then ordered to infiltrate a phone conversation between Octavio and one of his many mobster clients in finance while on the Ferris Wheel. The conversation's topic, is about the Ferris Wheel being used as a disguised, makeshift pumper for the tar. Once Don Octavio leaves Carnivale, Bentley rendezvous with Sly, and in anger, Bentley rewires the power-box to a state where the Ferris Wheel spins out of control at an unpredictable speed. It falls down onto a pigeon guard while exploding and wheeling into the water. This concluded this reconnaissance mission.



  • In the Sly 3 demo, the Venice background was used as the background of the "Job Completed" screens.