That large vault has got to be somehow related to those clues-in-bottles you've been collecting. If you can locate all the clues in this area, I should be able to crack the code and get you inside it.
— Bentley, when Sly sees a vault for the first time[src]
Sly Safe

Sly Cooper opening a Vault

Vaults, also known as Safes, are large, secure locked boxes found in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Clue Bottles are collected in order to decipher the vault's code to open it.

Vaults do not appear in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

In Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, power-ups are awarded in order. For example, the first vault you open, regardless of what level it is in, will contain the Fast Attack Dive Move. The exception to this is when blueprints are collected. Regardless of how many power-ups you have, the third vault opened in the Welsh Triangle will contain the blueprints to Sir Raleigh the Frog's operation.

There are 20-40 clues per level.

Pages of the Thievius Raccoonus


The clues have led me to believe that the code for this vault is 7-9-2.
Sly! You've found a page from the Thievius Raccoonus! This page teaches old Drake Cooper's Fast Attack Dive Move. Press TriangleButton to use it.


Whoever thought this code up knew what they were doing. Dial in 4-3-6.
Interesting! Old Sally Cooper's Fast Getaway Raccoon Roll! Stories claim she could move faster than anyone else could on the run. Hold down TriangleButton to use this move. Switch between powerups using L2Button and R2Button.


I'm unbeatable! No code can stand before me! It's got to be 5-7-9!
Outstanding! Another page from the Thievius Raccoonus! This one features Dev Cooperinda's Slow Motion Jump. He used this to get by all kinds of airborne threats. Hit the TriangleButton while in the air, to slow down time!


With the help of a straight edge and compass the answer was simple. Dial in 2-4-2.
Interesting! Chris Cooper's Dive Collection technique. This move is an extension of the dive move you already know. Just jump and hit TriangleButton near breakable objects for some fast-breaking, fast-collecting action!
This one was cake. Input 7-1-9.
Oh, you're lucky! This page features Karin Coopergiwa's Coin Magnet technique. All she had to do was stand near money, and it would magically jump into her purse. From now on, you will automatically collect any coins you come near!


A little bit of higher mathematics, and voila! Dial in 3-1-4.
Outstanding! You've uncovered Rob McCooper's patented Explosive Hat technique! Use TriangleButton to toss your hat, then use TriangleButton again to detonate it. Better back off to a safe distance first!


Man, I'm getting swift at deciphering these codes. Dial 3-3-8.
Okay, this page is from you hyperactive ancestor B.F. Cooper. He discovered a way to speed up the clock, perfect for those long stakeouts. Just hold down TriangleButton to use it.


You'd need an I.Q. of at least 140 to figure this one out. Dial in 4-6-8.
Oh yeah this will come in handy. It's Suzanne Cooper's notes pertaining to water safety. With this knowledge under your belt, you won't have to lose a charm whenever you fall into water.


Good thing I know Navajo code talk. Try 5-3-2.
A-ha, it's Sir Andrew Cooper's Thief Replica technique. He used to make fake stand-ups of himself to confuse guards into attacking the wrong thing. Use TriangleButton to put together a fake Sly Cooper.


If I did my math right, and I ALWAYS do my math right, then the combination has got to be 5-8-8.
Electrifying! Kelle McCooper's notes on how to harness the electromagnetic field, created by a rolling raccoon! Now you raccoon roll move will really pack a punch! Plus it should give you a nice tingling sensation!


I had to overcome some personal demons to get the answer to this one. Try 4-4-4.
Ah, a more modern entry - Bruce O'Coop's Computer Hacking technique! Using the data on this page, I should be able to tap the duty roster in each hideout, and project the information directly into your Binocucom!


These codes are nothing before my righteous analytical ability! The combination has to be 5-7-1.
Mind-bending! It's Matthew de la Coopeur's Perpetual Slow Motion technique. With this move you can slow down time whenever you want, not just while jumping. Hold down TriangleButton to use it.


I got a real headache figuring this one out. Input 5-7-8.
This just gets better and better. I'd always heard that one of your Southern ancestors, Huckleberry Cooper developed a technique to move while staying invisible! Hold down CircleButton to turn invisible, then move around with the LStick.


Lucky for you I'm versed in Chaos Theory, otherwise this code would have been unsolvable. Input 9-3-2.
Incredible! I would have never thought this was possible! Sir Augustine Cooper's technique to briefly defy gravity! From now on you should be able to pop right out of those bottomless pits you keep falling into, and you won't even lose a lucky charm!


Unfortunately, this vault code appears to have been written in owl dialect. I won't be able to crack the code until we meet and defeat the bird who created it.
Multiple blood vessels burst in my brain while figuring this out. The code had better be 2-3-1.
Amazing! Colonel Reid Cooper's Time Stopper technique! Press TriangleButton and execute a flash bang that will stun all guards in the world for a few seconds! I can see how this might be useful, and entertaining too!


Every third vault opened in an episode will grant you with the blueprints for that episode.

Sir Raleigh

I can't believe I pieced this one together. Try 2-2-7.
These are the blueprints of Raleigh's entire operation! I wonder... yes! I can wire this info directly into your Binocucom! It'll show you the position of nearby clues and breakable objects.


I could have broken this code in my sleep. The combination is 5-6-5.
You found the blueprints to Muggshot's additions to Mesa City. With these files I'll be able to help you find all his clue and breakables. Just look through your Binocucom to get the information.

Mz. Ruby

Okay, okay this is kind of a guess but try 1-2-8.
These are the blueprints to Mz. Ruby's production facility. I'll pipe this information into your Binocucom. Use it to find breakable objects and clues nearby.

The Panda King

It was a challenge, but this vault's combination has got to be 6-6-7.
You found the blueprints for the Panda King's lair. I'll upload the data straight into your Binocucom.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

In Sly 2: Band of Thieves, each power-up is assigned to a specific vault, unlike the vaults in the first game.

There are 30 clues per episode.

The Black Chateau

It took some higher level math, but I believe the code to Dimitri's vault is 2-3-1.
You've gotten the Knockout Dive move!

A Starry Eyed Encounter

I'd love to see the look on Rajan's face when he finds this vault empty. The code has to be 8-5-7.
You've gotten the Insanity Strike move!

The Predator Awakes

Good thing I'm fluent in Sanskrit or this last code would've been impossible. Try...3-8-6.
You've gotten the Voltage Attack move!


You need an I.Q. of at least 140 to figure this one out. That Contessa is smarter than I thought. I believe the code is 2-4-8.
You've gotten the Long Toss move!

A Tangled Web

Security around the Contessa's castle is tight, she must have something really good in here. Punch in...9-6-9.
You've gotten the Rage Bomb move!

He Who Tames the Iron Horse

Jean Bison is in for another rude awakening the next time he checks this vault. Enter 1-2-8.
You've gotten the Music Box move!

Menace from the North, eh!

If I did my math right, and I ALWAYS do my math right, then the combination has got to be 5-8-3.
Gadzooks, that's a nice one! (Lightning Spin)

Anatomy for Disaster

That Arpeggio really knew his encryption algorithms. As it stands I'm only 86.5 percent convinced the code to the vault is 7-2-5.
You've gotten the Shadow Power move!

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

In Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, much like Sly 2, each power-up is assigned to a specific vault.

There are 30 clues per episode.

Turning Japanese
Found near the fishing caverns behind small house.
Receive Coopergiwa's Gold Magnet. Applies magnetic ability and collects coins from afar.

Go West Young Raccoon
Found on building across from Saloon.
Receive Muggshot's Coin. Increases loot drop from enemies and objects.

Clan of the Cave Raccoon
Found in a small volcanic cavern near the Grizz's fortress.
Receive Clockwerk's Eye. Reveals the location of the Safe and all Clue Bottles within the Binocucom and mini-map.

Of Mice and Mechs
Found on top of castle ramparts near Blacksmith.
Receive Sir Raleigh's Frog Hat. Prevents any water damage to all characters.

40 Thieves
Found right outside of hideout to the left on the beach.
Receive The Guru's Staff Piece. Reduces all damage from attacks by 50%.


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