1. UGC

2.Superior Multiplayer

3.Online Multiplayer

4.Side Missions

5.Gadgets for other character (Dimitri, Panda king, Guru....)

6.PSN Released gadgets (for in-game money of coarse)

7.Newer Gadgets for Sly, Bentley, Murray

8.(Maybe) A smoother gameplay

9.Downloadable levels (like Halo, I think)

10.(Maybe) Customizable characters??

11.More levels

12.</strike>Replay levels (like Sly 1 and Sly 3)

13.<strike>Better Graphics (I think they are already doing so.)

14.A Great story line


16.A teaser into another series

17.New Ancestor's for Sly

18.Revealed Ancestor's for Bentley, Murray, and Carmelita

19.Revealing Connor Cooper's Face (Sly's Dad)

20.Pickpocketing for all characters (except Carmelita)

21.Freeplay for all characters (except maybe Carmelita)

22.Easter Eggs.

23.All character's from cooper vault are playable.

24.New and Old villains.

25.An amazing final boss (like Sly 1).

26.Side mission Gadgets

27.New form's for the gameplay (example: Sly's gameplay, Murray's, Bentley's.....)

28.Citizens (like those in infamous)

29.Slowmo attacks (like infamous 2)

30.Cars (like those in infamous)

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