Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, as of June 10, 2011, there is a featured poll where anyone can vote. This was a test to see how many people would vote, and results are pleasing. However, in order to continue the idea of a featured poll, I need ideas! In the comments below, write up what you would want as a featured poll. Include the question the poll is asking, and choices to choose from. Hopefully your ideas will be featured!!


  • Favorite Weapon
  • Favorite Cooper Gang Member
  • Favorite Cooper Clan member
  • Memorable Quotes
  • Favorite Battle vs. Dr. M
  • Favorite Boss Battle
  • Favorite Page from the Thievius Raccoonus
  • Least favorite Sly Cooper game.
  • Favorite Carmelita Mission in Sly 3.

Current Poll Lineup

This is subject to change

Monthly Poll

  • July 2011: Sly 1 Episodes
  • Aug 2011: Sly 2 Episodes
  • Sep 2011: Sly 3 Episodes
  • Oct 2011: Popular episodes
  • Nov-Dec 2011: Would you play Sly 4?
  • Jan-April 2012: Favorite Weapon
  • Feb 2012: (Seasonal Special): Most Romantic Relationship (Choices to come!) (Will probably end up doing this in February 2013)
  • May-June 2012: Sly 1 Villain
  • July 2012: Sly 2 Villain
  • Aug - December 2012: Sly 3 Villain
  • January 2013: Favorite aspect about upcoming "Thieves in Time".

The following schedule will most likely be put on hold due to Thieves in Time's release.

  • Sep 2012: Sly Cooper Powerups
  • Oct 2012: Bentley Powerups
  • Nov 2012: Murray Powerups

Wikia-Based Poll Lineup

  • July 2011: New Editing Interface
  • September 2011: Wikia Chat
  • November 2011: Message Wall

Poll Results

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