Hail O Guru of the Stone. Murray has purified Ayers Rock and now I humbly deliver your walking stick and Moon Stone...the time for escape has come.
— Bentley delivering the staff and Moon Stone to an imprisoned Guru

"Unleash the Guru" was a job for The Guru in Rumble Down Under of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


It's time for the Guru to help the Cooper Gang. Escape and destroy four drills and a grinder.

How to Complete

As Bentley, go to the stockade and bring the Guru's gear. Control will switch to the Guru.

As the Guru, wait for a guard to come, then hold down L1Button to transform. The guard will come in and investigate. Once his back is turned, jump and press CircleButton to possess the guard and ram the cage. Then head for the drills.

After cutscene, possess guards to ram into and destroy four drills. Once done, head to Wave Rock.

Bentley will tell you that the linked generator to a grinder can easily be destroyed. Possess a guard and press XButton to make a guard jump. Ram into the generator three times and it's Job Complete.

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