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"Unexpected Ties" was a job for Sly Cooper in Clan of the Cave Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


In this mission, Sly must find out what The Grizz is up to and what he is doing in pre-historic times.


Sly ventures into the Grizz's lair to find that his men are holding a pre-historic raccoon in a net, which could be the first Cooper. Bentley opts to help out the raccoon, and he tasks Sly with getting a sabre-tooth tiger skin from the Grizz's bedroom. Sly must steal the key to the room while the Grizz is checking out the raccoon and painting it on a large canvas. After entering the room and grabbing the skin, Sly learns a new move called the Cyclone Pounce, which allows him to jump vast distances and across long gaps by targeting either dummies or guards on the opposite side. Sly must then go to the area where they are hold the raccoon and take out the sabre-tooth tiger guards while avoiding fire bubbles on the way across each pedestal. After eliminating the tigers, the raccoon breaks free and takes out all the guards and Sly jumps down to meet him. He asks the raccoon what his name is, and, while Sly seems to understand, it is only gibberish. Taking this into consideration, Sly decides to call him Bob.

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