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Turning Japanese is the first episode of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and takes place in a village in feudal Japan, 1603 AD.


In this episode, the gang has discovered that Rioichi, a master ninja thief and sushi chef, has been captured and locked in a maximum security prison full of guards and deadly traps after having supposedly served bad sushi to the era's Shogun. He's been captured by a villainous dictator known as El Jefe, who has taken over feudal Japan. El Jefe is constructing a massive shrine with a one-thousand foot tall statue of himself at the center. Sly and the gang must set Rioichi free and stop El Jefe.


Sly Cooper

Sly needs to take pictures of the area for Bentley.

Sly pickpockets the guards that have parts of the Samurai Costume needed to enter the prison that Rioichi Cooper is held in.

Sly starts the mission by using the samurai armor to take the guard's place at the front entrance of the sushi house and helping Rioichi get inside.

Sly pickpockets the keys to the dragon mouths and uses his samurai costume to open the gate and later battles El Jefe.


Bentley hacks into the security terminal to get into the sashimi caverns and after being escorted to the end, uses his PPP (Pick Pocket Pole) to gather some fish for Rioichi.

When Rioichi reaches the terminal for the container, he puts a device that Bentley has made so he can hack the terminal from the hideout.

Bentley uses his new RC car which has been fitted with Murray's chicken hat to use as a disguise to spy on El Jefe.


Murray helps Bentley get through the sashimi caverns and helps carry the crate of fish Bentley has gathered.

Murray makes use of the Geisha outfit Rioichi stole for him and entertains the guards.

Murray and the rest of the gang (except Rioichi) fights their way against the guards on the bridge until Rioichi opens the sword gate.

Rioichi Cooper

After managing to get into his shop, Rioichi makes his way through it to the furnace and sets it up to send El Jefe a "message".

Rioichi breaks into the Geisha house and makes his way through some traps to deactivate the lock on top of the container to help steal the Geisha outfit for Murray so he can go undercover on El Jefe for Tiger Tail.

Rioichi gathers poisonous plant seeds to put the guards to sleep for the heist.

Rioichi sneaks his way under the bridge to get to the switch and open the sword gate.


Sly defeats El Jefe, then they take him back to the present to get arrested by INTERPOL and feudal Japan is free from his dictatorship. However, Sly fails to get Rioichi's cane back as these mice guards swoop down from a gigantic blimp and steals it before Sly can even touch it. The gang leaves Rioichi and moves to the next ancestor: "Tennessee Kid" Cooper in Cotton Mouth Bluff.

Treasures and clues


  1. Meditation Turtle
  2. Gyro Slicer 2000
  3. Jade Samurai Helmet
  4. Golden Lion Statue
  5. The Ninja Cookbook
  6. Lucky Neko
  7. Raccoon Daruma
  8. Dragon Claw Statue
  9. Golden Teapot
  10. Jade Peach
  11. Samurai Warrior
  12. Tales of a Samurai Hippo Comic


After collecting all 30 bottles throughout the village and cracking the hidden safe, you will receive Coopergiwa's Gold Magnet.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the 1980 song by The Vapors of the same name.
  • The year that this episode takes place, 1603, is likely a reference to the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, in which the Turtles travel to feudal Japan, 1603, to save April O'Neil.
  • This is one of the 3 episodes in the game in which its safe contains a gadget that was used in another game, which is Coopergiwa's Gold Magnet. The other two being Clockwerk's Eye from the 3rd episode and Sir Raleigh's Frog Hat from the 4th episode.
  • This episode, along with 40 Thieves, does not have the final job labeled as "Operation: (Name of Job)"

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