Sly: This was a good plan Bentley. Now we can just sit back and watch the fireworks!
Bentley: Thank you, I pride myself on deviousness these days. with her ape guard under fire there's a ninety-three percent chance that Carmelita will arrive and take out the entire Vincenetti gang.
Sly: Devious!
— Talking about tricking Carmelita into neutralizing the Vincenetti gang[src]

"Turf War!" was a job for Inspector Carmelita Fox in An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Sly and Bentley bait Carmelita and her mercenaries into taking out Octavio's security forces.


Octavio has hired the Vincenetti Gang for protection on Carnivale. Bentley is leading a member of the gang to the police station. While he does, Sly knocks on the front door of the police station and insults the cops inside using his Italian accent. His insult brings Lt. Gronk out just as Bentley lures the Vincenetti goon to the station. Seeing the goon as the one who insulted him, Gronk attacks while Sly and Bentley quietly run away and observe.

Bentley predicts that with one of her men under fire, there is a 93% chance Inspector Fox will come out to help him and take out the whole Vincenetti gang in the process, and just like he said, Carmelita come out to help Gronk fend off the goons.

After taking out the Vincenetti thugs by the police station, Carmelita and Gronk rush to the other side of town to take care of more. Once all the gang members on the other side of the city are taken out, more appear by the police station once again. Once they are gone, Carmelita commends her lieutenant on a job well done.