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Treasure Snagging is a minigame exclusive to The Sly Collection. This minigame is 1-4 players and Sly Cooper, Bentley, Murray or Carmelita Fox are playable.


To complete this challenge the player will need to highlight the circular objects that are falling out of the sky and hit XButton with the Move controller to score points. If playing with a SIXAXIS controller, the player will have to hit XButton and pull the controller. If more than one person is playing, players can shoot their opponents' objects to deter them. There is a time limit of 1 minute to score as many points as possible. Hitting the normal circles (with the chosen character's picture on it) will give earn 250 points. Hitting a star will earn 1000 points.


Name Description Type
Trophy_TreasureHunter.png Treasure Hunter Play the minigame PS3Bronze Bronze
Trophy_MoveIt.png Move It! Score 5000 points PS3Silver Silver


The Sly collection Minigame Treasure Hunt

The Sly collection Minigame Treasure Hunt