Traps are a special feature from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. When a guard is in the right possession, press CircleButton to the trigger the trap and take the guard out. Some of these traps serve important roles in some missions in the game.


Falling gondola (Venice) Edit

  • When a guard is under its shadow, press the button and it's light out! This trap instantly kills the player as well, so be careful!
  • This trap is also featured in one of the Hazard Room challenges.[1]

Water trapdoor (Venice) Edit

  • Just wait for any guard to walk over one of these, then press the button and watch them drown.

Falling ACES plane (Holland) Edit

  • Just like the gondola boat, just drop one of these on any unsuspecting guard when they are underneath it.

Popping spikes (Kunlun Mountains) Edit

  • Wait for a guard to walk over these, then press the switch.
  • This trap comes in handy in the mission "Get a Job," where Sly must get rid of the obnoxious Chinese monkey guard trying to ruin his last photo.

Falling boat (Blood Bath Bay) Edit

  • Similar to the plane and the gondola, if any guard happens to walk under these, just drop it.

Falling anchor (Blood Bath Bay) Edit

  • Just wait for any unlucky, then knock them dead with this heavy anchor.
  • One of these is used in the mission "The Talk of Pirates," where Sly must knock out Stone Jake to claim an eye patch.