"Tiger Tail" was a job for Bentley in Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Go undercover using Bentley's RC car to find out what El Jefe is up to.


Bentley deployed his RC car near El Jefe's location on a bridge. The car was implemented with a miniature microphone that would be able to pick up anything El Jefe said to himself.

Bentley's RC car followed El Jefe to the Imperial Prison. There, the tiger remarked on the magnificence of the building, though stated that it paled in comparison to the grandeur of his statue fortress. Bentley assumed that this fortress was where El Jefe was hiding out all the time. El Jefe then mumbled that nobody would guess that the fortress gates' switch was underneath his palace's bridge.

As El Jefe leapt across the rooftops, Bentley's RC car followed on the ground. The next location he stopped was outside the Sashimi Caverns.

Bentley then followed El Jefe to the front of the Geisha House. El Jefe became suspicious that he was being followed, and upon looking behind him he spotted a chicken—which was really Bentley's RC car in disguise—on the ground. Dismissing his suspicions as paranoia, he contemplated on his final task: finding Rioichi Cooper so he could deliver the raccoon's cane to his boss. Afterwards, he welcomed Murray — who was disguised as Madame Geisha — to the Geisha House.[1]


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