Quotes relating to Tide of Terror of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


A Stealthy Approach

Bentley: Hey Sly, I've just spotted something that's going to complicate the mission. See that nasty-lookin' gate? It blocks the only way leading into Raleigh's hideout.
Sly: No problem — I'll just use my climb move.
Bentley: OK, but remember, you can only climb on certain objects like pipes and ropes.
Sly: Yeah sure, like that ladder there?
Bentley: That is correct, but do not forget, Sly, you have to get close-
Sly: And press the circle button to grab it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Relax, Bentley, I live for this stuff.
Bentley: Yeah, and that's what worries me.
— Discussing Sly's climb move
Bentley: Hold on Sly! See those searchlights? One careless step—and you'll be subjected to acute combustion.
Sly: You done whining? Let's go.
Bentley: I'm just trying to keep you alive,
partner. Fortunately for you, I've launched these signal repeaters throughout Raleigh's fortress. Get close to one, and I can check point your progress.
Sly: Nice!
— Explaining spotlights and signal repeaters

Prowling the Grounds

Sly: That blimp looks like the most secured location on this boat. If Raleigh's really as smart as his police file suggests, then that's where I'll find him.
Bentley: Wonderful idea, but your plan is flawed.
Sly: Why?
Bentley: Because it's impossible to get near him. To access Raleigh's blimp, you would have to sneak through that high-voltage power tube. To do that without getting electrocuted, you'd have to destroy that power generator, and to do that, you need 2 more of Raleigh's treasure keys, which are heavily guarded.
Sly: Interesting. So when are you going to get to the impossible part?
Bentley: Fine! But I've warned you! I've marked the areas you need to hit with holographic markers. Follow them to your objectives.
Sly: Thanks!
Bentley: Don't mention it—it's your funeral.

The Eye of the Storm

Raleigh: How delightful! We have a guest. The only thing is... I HATE UNEXPECTED GUESTS!
Sly: Listen Raleigh, wipe out my family and steal what's mine, you better expect company.
Raleigh: Oh, I'm ever so sorry. How sloppy of me not to finish the job. Obviously, we should have snuffed you out as well. So without further ado, let me make amends by what... BLOATING TO GARGANTUAN SIZE AND SQUASHING YOU LIKE THE INSIGNIFICANT BUG THAT YOU ARE!
Sly: Bring it on.
— Before the battle
Raleigh: Blast it all! You've beaten me! Well, gloat all you want, Sly Cooper. You're no match for Muggshot, my villainous cohort in Utah. You'll see, Mesa City is so well-guarded, a snake couldn't slither in without setting off alarms!
— After the battle

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