Tide of Terror is the first episode in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It takes place in the Isle O'Wrath in the Welsh Triangle. The main antagonist in Tide of Terror is Sir Raleigh the frog, the chief machinist of the Fiendish Five. He built himself a storm machine which causes it to rain in his hideout 24/7 and make other ships crash so he and his crew can plunder them for loot.



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"A Stealthy Approach"
Sly and the gang arrive at the Welsh Triangle, the sinister resting place for hundreds of wrecked ships. Sly must avoid the guards and infiltrate Sir Raleigh's boat.
"Prowling the Grounds"
The main hub level of Episode 1. Sly discovers that he needs 2 more of Sir Raleigh's treasure keys in order to infiltrate his storm machine and retrieve his page of the Thievius Raccoonus. Sly then moves on to the next set of areas.
"Into the Machine"
Sly enters the engine room of the boat. Bentley informs him that if he can follow the spinning crankshaft back to its original source, he will find Raleigh's treasure key. Sly ventures through the engine room, sabotaging it in the process.
"High Class Heist"
Sly enters what seems to be Sir Raleigh's treasury, where the frog stashes all the loot he has plundered from the ships his machine wrecked. He must avoid some of the best security systems on Raleigh's boat in order to retrieve another treasure key.
"The Fire Down Below"
Sly enters the power source room for the storm machine. The room is filled with furnaces and one main furnace. He must avoid the Walrus Guards and the fires in order to move on to the next level.
"A Cunning Disguise"
Sly enters Sir Raleigh's library, a place of knowledge within Sir Raleigh's boat. He must avoid the dart-shooting traps by using a barrel in order to proceed.
"The Gunboat Graveyard"
Sly infiltrates Sir Raleigh's wrecked ship collection room, where the villainous frog keeps some of the ships he has wrecked as collectible items. Sly most face the squid guards and find Raleigh's treasure key.
"Treasure in the Depths"
Sly uses one of Raleigh's submarines to enter the secret, underwater room where Sir Raleigh's crabs have stashed his sunken treasure. Sly must prevent the crabs from taking the treasure chests in order to earn a new treasure key.
"The Eye of the Storm"

After beating all of the challenges on Sir Raleigh's boat, Sly faces the Chief Machinist of the Fiendish Five. Raleigh mocks Sly and says that he'll crush him like an insignificant insect. Raleigh then bloats to a much greater size and the boss battle begins. Sly must avoid Sir Raleigh's attacks and hit him when he's vulnerable. Once Sir Raleigh is defeated, Sly recovers one of the first pages of the Thievius Raccoonus and discovers the location of the next Fiendish Five member, Muggshot.


Raleigh's section of the Thievius Raccoonus held detailed instructions on how to perform Rioichi Cooper's Ninja Spire Jump, which was a technique he developed while sneaking into the thickly fortified castles of feudal Japan. Getting off of Raleigh's boat wasn't easy due to the untimely arrival of Carmelita Fox. Failing to find Sly, she arrested Raleigh and his crew instead. With the storm machine out of commission, boats found their way back onto the ocean, and the history of the Welsh Triangle faded from memory.

Sly and the gang loped around England for a while, enjoying the pleasant weather, and then returned home, excited for their next heist.



  • This is the first pirate level in the series, followed by Dead Men Tell No Tales.
  • During the boss battle, if you look behind Raleigh while he's talking, you can see his page of the Thievius Raccoonus behind him in his chair. However, in the cinematic cutscene, Sly steals it from a safe at the bottom of his chair.

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