• So, since the film has been unofficially canceled (via a Twitter DM), we should discuss how we're going to handle the TV show and film articles. We won't change anything now, as we have very little information about the TV show, and the film hasn't been officially canceled, but there's no harm in planning.

    I feel that "Sly Cooper (TV series)" should remain in the main namespace, like "Sly Cooper (film)" has. If the film does get officially canceled, we should delete all pages in the "Film" namespace; Film:Sly Cooper, Film:Bentley Turtle, Film:Murray Hippo, Film:Carmelita Fox, Film:Clockwerk and Film:Cooper Gang. We then delete the "Film" namespace and create a new namespace in its place, which would obviously be "TV."

    Unless, of course, Sony states that the TV show is canon and part of the game series (which is unlikely, I feel). In that case, we would need no namespace and the TV show articles would fit into the main namespace.

    That's my idea, and since it is very similar (if not identical) to the way we handled the film, I think it's the best plan.

    (If the movie doesn't get canceled, we should just not delete the "Film" namespace and its articles. Obvious, but I felt I should mention it.)

    In terms of the forum, if we still use forums in the future, the Film board should be combined into the General Sly Cooper board.

    Please, give your ideas below.

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    • You dare delete Clockwerk?

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