• In episode 5, "Dead Men Tell No Tales" Interpol and Carmelita's presence was completely absent for the duration of the episode, But what would happen if they were present in episode 5? 

    My guess is that Interpol, courtesy of the US Navy aqnd NATO would have sent a few destroyers, a fleet of assault helicopters (and maybe a couple missile cruisers) to Blood bath bay to deal with both the cooper gang and the pirates. It would have been a massive curbstomp since the pirates are in old fashioned wooden sailing ships and Interpol would have had the power to mercilessly annihilate blood bath bay.They would have just killed the pirates rather than just arresting them en masse. 

    Somehow i also find it strange that no military vessel was sent there to deal with the pirates, unless the pirates are capable of stealing and overpowering one. 

    Even if Interpol avoided the place,I doubt that it's a blind spot, or that they are afraid of pirates (Wusses). I doubt a headstrong Intnerpol Agent armed with a shock pistol, and a group of mercenaries armed with grenade launchers, would be afraid of a bunch of medieval morons wielding little more than swords and flintlock weapons that take to long to reload  They might as well have made quick work of them and clear the entire city of pirates.

    Interpol probably recognizes the island blood bath bay is in as a minor country, but never sends officers there because they leave whatever conflicts going on amongst the pirates, to themselves, not to mention pirates often went by their own sets of written rules known as a code of conduct, so that woud be it's unofficial constitution. Blood bath bath on the other hand is so hostile to outsiders due to previous (armed) attempts by Interpol, and NATO to disband them as well as several attacks by the us navy for the same reasons.

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