Bentley: In order to overcome Jean Bison in the Lumberjack Games we'll need to enlist the help of the giant Canadian eagle's. Their nest is out on that iceberg. Steal one of the eggs then bring it safely back to the safe house. We'll use it to direct the eagle's protective instincts against Bison.
Sly: Sure, sounds easy enough... except for the part where I have to swim half a mile through freezing water.
— Bentley and Sly discussing about the mission[src]

"Thermal Ride" was a job for Sly Cooper in the Menace from the North, eh! of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


An eagle egg has given Bentley a strategy to use against Jean Bison during the Lumberjack Games.


In order to overcome Jean Bison in the Lumberjack Games, the gang must acquire an eagle egg, located on an iceberg half a mile from the lumberjack camp. To get there, Sly must paraglide into the drafts created by the flames originated from the oil main destruction, but must not get too close to the flames or he will become barbecue for Old Grizzle Face. He must also avoid the Canadian eagles flying towards him as he flies towards the iceberg.

Once Sly reaches the iceberg and steals the egg, he must now hop onto some buoys to get back to shore and safely bring the egg back to the safe house. Once done, the gang is all set for the Lumberjack Games.

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