Bentley: My paranormal scanner is maxing out on that structure.
Sly: A reading like that could only be coming off of Mz. Ruby herself.
— Bentley and Sly deducing Mz. Ruby's position

"The Swamp's Dark Center" was a job and the main hub in Vicious Voodoo of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


From here, Sly can explore other levels in Mz. Ruby's swamp. He can also infiltrate the Ghost Production Facility and the Skull Temple from here.


Once Sly enters the hub, he spots a huge structure. Bentley says his paranormal scanners are maxing out on the structure. Sly believes Mz. Ruby is the source of the reading. Bentley agrees, and informs Sly that in order to confront Mz Ruby, he will need to find a way up there.

After Sly slides down some vines and gets near the facility, Mz. Ruby comes on the P.A system to tell her guards to step up the production of the ghosts, and reveals her plan to take over Mexico once they have all of the ghosts.

The path to the Ghost Production Facility is blocked by a gate. There is also another gate opposite that one that is locked down tight. After getting enough treasure keys, he opens the gate, which lets the Beast out. It smashes through he gate to the facility, then returns to its lair.

After gaining access to the facility, Sly spots a giant voodoo eggbeater, being guarded by several water rat guards. Sly comes up with a plan to unlock the cauldron's lid to thrash the production and build up enough steam pressure to get launched into Mz. Ruby's Skull Temple.

To access the other areas, Sly has to sneak around the machine by rail walking in the shadows of the masks to avoid the guards' flashlights. After collecting enough treasure keys, Sly unlocks the cauldron's lid, takes out the guards and then jumps onto the lid, launching himself up to Mz. Ruby.


  • In Sly Collection, for every instance you enter or return to the hub, it will briefly play the combat theme music for a few seconds.