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The Sly Collection
Publication Info
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions (originals)
Sanzaru Games (porting)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Released: November 9, 2010 (NA)
December 2, 2010(AU)
December 3, 2010 (EU)
January 27, 2011 (JP)
April 16, 2014 (EU, Vita)[1]
May 27, 2014 (NA, Vita)[2]
Genre: Platformer
Modes: Single-player
1-4 Player mini-games
Ratings: ESRB E - ESRB E10+ (ESRB)
Platforms: PS3 MiniIcon
PSVita MiniIcon [2]
Features: 3D Compatible with a 3D-ready TV
PlayStation Network Trophy Support
PlayStation Move-exclusive Minigames
Awards: PS3 Best Remake[3]
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Followed By:

The Sly Collection (The Sly Trilogy in Europe, Sly Cooper Collection in Japan) is a remastered collection of the Sly Cooper series for the PlayStation 3. The game includes all three original games remastered in high definition as well as support for 3D (requires a 3D-ready TV). The game is the second remastered collection of PlayStation 2 games to be made for the PS3, after the God of War series. It was ported by Sanzaru Games, whereas the original games were developed by Sucker Punch Productions. It was released on disc on Tuesday, November 9, 2010[4] followed by a digital download release on November 29, 2011.[5] On February 10, 2014, the collection was announced to release for the PlayStation Vita on May 27th of the same year.[2]

The Sly Collection features PS3 trophy support and mini-games that utilize the PlayStation Move.

A trailer for the game was released on Tuesday, June 15, 2010. Although the trailer only showed footage of Sly 3, such as the lines, battles, and the games being remastered in high definition exclusively for the PlayStation 3, it mentioned the Sly Collection featuring all three games.

Glitches, Bugs, and Differences

Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus

  • Sly's feet now make the sneaking sound all of the time, rather than just when wall-sneaking or walking up to enemies.
  • In the tutorial level, it is possible to explore the rest of the city in Paris. You can even get to the Eiffel Tower[6]. Also, when Camalita yells, "Criminal!" it is off-sync.
  • In-game commentary is no longer available for completing the Master Thief Sprints, which now have no reward.
  • The music for nearly the entire game was remixed. In certain cases, such as "A Strange Reunion", the remixed music was praised, but in general, it has proven to be an annoyance among fans of the original music.
    • The music that plays during "Treasure in the Depths" was outright replaced by the music playing during "Burning Rubber".
    • The remixed music is especially infamous for making "A Deadly Dance" much more difficult, since the original game's music synched with Mz. Ruby's attacks and the remixed music is off-sync.
  • In "Duel by the Dragon", at the end of the level by whacking the fireworks from right to left, a glitch occurs where Carmelita doesn't speak but the dragon head still falls, but then you cannot move. To fix this, simply whack the fireworks left to right.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

  • The level select screen no longer has the bonus videos in the North American version. The European version can only access the ones for Episodes 1 and 8.
  • Gameshark cheats no longer work.
  • The cutscene that plays after defeating Dimitri doesn't show the team playing cards in Monaco. The van drives in place in the middle of the road while Sly mentions it (there is a very little pause between two sentences Sly says that prove the audio was cut).
  • A different sound is heard when you enter a level from the level select screen.
  • The level reset glitch in "Menace from the North, Eh?" was fixed.
  • The music in each level (except the tutorial) will start earlier.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

  • Gameshark cheats no longer work.
  • The few missions that supported 3-D no longer ask the player if they want to enable 3-D because the entire collection is 3-D compatible (but despite this, the cutscenes that play before that menu popped up are still there).
  • Music was added to the "Hungry Croc" mission.
  • In the multiplayer game, Biplane Duels, the green-orange targeting beacon doesn't appear to be locked on to the person when using special items. However, it is only a visual mistake.
  • When starting the game, there is a chance a random bug will happen where the music will begin looping 5 seconds of the audio, and the cutscene dialogue will take several minutes to load the dialogue, with characters freezing mid-speech and looping until the game catches up. A way to fix this is simply powering the system off and restarting the system, but there have been reports of people being unable to fix the problem without deleting their data, and some who have been unable to fix it at all, indicating that it is potentially an error on the disk itself.
  • In "Flight of Fancy", during the "Beauty and the Beast" mission, the music for the fight between Carmelita and Muggshot won't play. In addition, after the mission is over, the rest of the game won't play any music unless the player returns to the XMB and restarts the game.
  • European Sly fans can finally watch the Evolution of Sly video without having to look it up on the internet, as every bonus video is now accessible.
  • Bentley doesn't speak during the credits, or the scene where he sees Sly and Carmelita on the balcony.
  • When Sly first meets Dimitri at the Police HQ, you can clearly see him even when his back is turned.
  • Characters say "1, 2, 3" much faster when trying to open a double button security door.


The Sly Collection fared well, receiving a Metacritic score of 85/100[7].

  • IGN: 8.5/10 (received "Editor's Choice")
  • GameZone: 8.5/10
  • DragonAx: 9.2/10

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Reference

For more information, please see Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

After completing all three games to completion, the player will be given access to a teaser trailer for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It shows tall grass blades, where a shadow of a raccoon (if not Sly) appears. The setting is in Feudal Japan, and a Japanese Wild Boar walks by while a Red-Crowned Crane guards the rooftop of the building shown. It also shows two Clue Bottles: one in the bushes and another one on the rooftop.


  • The Sly Collection has three names: The Sly Collection in North America, The Sly Trilogy in Europe, and Sly Cooper Collection in Japan.
  • The Sly Collection's box cover has the box covers of the three games on a billboard, while "The Sly Trilogy" has the box cover from the European "Sly 2: Band of Thieves" box cover and "Sly Cooper Collection" shows a stance of Sly in Paris.

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The Sly Collection™ Available Now! 01:34

The Sly Collection™ Available Now!

Available now trailer

The Sly Collection PS3 - E3 2010 Debut Trailer 01:23

The Sly Collection PS3 - E3 2010 Debut Trailer

E3 10- Debut trailer

The Sly Collection™ Story Trailer 02:26

The Sly Collection™ Story Trailer

Story Trailer


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