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Listen, Raleigh. Wipe out my family and steal what's mine, you better expect company.
— Sly to Raleigh[src]

"The Eye of the Storm" is the boss level in the Tide of Terror episode in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It is the very first boss battle introduced in the Sly Cooper series, with Sir Raleigh as the boss.


In this encounter, Raleigh mentions that he hates unexpected guests, to which Sly replies that if he takes someone's family away from them, they had better expect guests. Raleigh then says that he will finish the job by smashing Sly. He eats one of the bugs flying around the area and bloats up to extreme size.

Raleigh bounces around the arena, trying to smash Sly, but Sly dodges all of his attacks, landing a few blows on Raleigh. In an act of desperation, Raleigh spins around in a circle, tongue outstretched, trying to smack Sly into the water, but Sly jumps over the tongue and deals a final, fatal blow.

Floating defeated in the water, Raleigh mentions that Sly would be no match for Muggshot, a cohort of his in Mesa City, Utah. Sly takes back the page from the Thievius Raccoonus, which describes Rioichi Cooper's move, the Ninja Spire Jump. Sly escapes the blimp and spends time in the UK, while Inspector Carmelita Fox takes Raleigh to jail, just missing Sly and the gang.

After a short vacation, the gang heads to the next location.

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