This page is about the job. For the location of the Cooper Clan's accumulated treasures, see Cooper Vault.
This is it Sly, the gang's assembled and are in position to help you get up to that vault. For the rest of the operation you are "the ball."
— Bentley making sure that Sly Cooper is ready to infiltrate Kaine Island[src]

"The Cooper Vault" was a job for Sly Cooper in Beginning of the End of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


The mission opens with Sly making his way onto Kaine Island, taking out three guards in the process. After making his way to a small section of the island, he is briefed by Bentley on the mission, making sure that the rest of the gang are ready. After this is done, Sly makes his way further onto the island, but is obstructed by several guards on support beams blocking his path. However, Agent Heartthrob's use of a "Yank 86" soon clears the obstruction.

Soon after that, Sly comes to a gap that is too large to jump across. Agent Old Rock is deployed to knock down a nearby satellite tower from him to Rail Walk across. Soon after this again, Sly runs across an air vent, which, after a firework from Agent Monarch, is used to gain entrance to Dr. M's fortress. Sly uses the vent to reach Dr. M's lab at which point Agent Deep-Six uses his harpoon gun to destroy the force fields blocking advancement, and begins flooding the lab.

Sly makes his way onto the top of the lab elevator, which is then occupied by Dr. M and Richards. The doctor and Richards have a brief conversation, in which Dr. M reveals his annoyance in the fact that Richards had forgotten to change the access code (the Cooper Vault defense) from "1-2-3" after installing the new system. The doctor then reveals that he's poisoned Richard's drink, at which point Richards tumbles over and dies. The doctor then receives a call about water leaking into the lab, and leaves to investigate, leaving Sly near the Cooper Vault.

Sly makes his way across several ropes towards the vault, but accidentally sets off the alarm on the way. He reaches the vault and inputs the security code, causing the vault's security to deactivate. Sly inserts his cane into the vault lock, and it proceeds to open, but before it can open all the way, Dr. M shoots it shut again, revealing himself to be flying a jetpack. After a brief confrontation, Bentley fires a sleep dart at him, and the two of them attempt to make their escape. However, just before reaching their ship, they are met by Dr. M and a giant monster, and Bentley gets captured. Sly attempts to fight him, but after his cane is launched into the sea, he is captured by the monster, with Bentley barely escaping.



  • During the Binocucom introduction, the identities of all of the gang members, except for Sly and Bentley, are hidden in order to prevent spoilers.
  • During the section where Sly has to wait for the sets of vertical lasers to be turned off, Dimitri can be seen swimming on the other side of the glass wall to Sly's left.
  • During the chase scene, Bentley and Sly jump down through the lasers without getting hurt.
  • This is the only intro mission in the Sly Cooper series that takes place in medias res.

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