Sly: We're going after some radioactive oil right?
Murray: I don't know. I can never pay attention to those slide shows... don't tell Bentley.
Sly: Wouldn't dream of it.
— "Discussing" the job[src]

"The Claw" was a job for Sly Cooper and Murray in Rumble Down Under of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

Background Edit

Sly and Murray head out to the oil fields to obtain a sample of radioactive oil.


Murray meets Sly at a cave that leads to the oil fields. Murray is up for the job, since heavy machinery and destruction is his thing.

Once they arrive at the oil fields, Sly takes control of a SuperClaw 10,000. He uses it to protect Murray and the power stations from the miners, while he gets the 6 oil wells flowing. After Murray finishes up in the first field, Sly uses the claw to carry Murray over to the next field.

Once Murray gets the remaining oil wells gushing, Sly carries him over to the third field. Now it's time to get the oil burning. Sly drops flint rocks on the end of the long plank. Murray then jumps on the other end to catapult the rocks to each oil well. The sparks on impact causes them to lit up in flames. Once each rig is lit up, the radioactive oil starts spewing out from the bottom of the rigs. Though Bentley tells Murray to be extremely careful in retrieving a small sample, Murray deliberately gets himself covered in the glowing oil. However, since the oil is the key to getting rid of the Mask of Dark Earth, the gang will be able to use it during the heist.