The Black Chateau is the first episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. The main antagonist of the episode is Dimitri Lousteau, the first encountered Klaww Gang member.


The SetupEdit

The Cooper Gang goes to Paris to track down the first member of the Klaww Gang, Dimitri Lousteau. He was once a passionate, young art student who's work was rejected. He then turns to life of crime and starts forging old masterpieces. He now owns a nightclub on the west side. Somewhere in his nightclub are the Clockwerk Tail Feathers.


Job name Completed by
Satellite Sabotage Sly Cooper
Sly re-positions three of Dimitri's satellite dishes so that Bentley can access his information.
Breaking and Entering Sly
Sly sneaks through a wine cellar to break into Dimitri's nightclub. Once inside he takes some recon photos of the Clockwerk Tail Feathers.
Bug Dimitri's Office Sly
Sly must carry a bugged painting to Dimitri's office so that the Gang will be able to listen in on his conversations.
Follow Dimitri Sly
Sly follows Dimitri to find out what he is hiding.
Waterpump Destruction Murray
Murray sabotages Dimitri's aqua pump.
Silence the Alarms Murray
Murray destroys Dimitri's alarm horns in preparation for the heist.
Theater Pickpocketing Sly
Sly sneaks into the theater to shut down the security in Dimitri's printing press room.
Moonlight Rendezvous Sly
Sly chases after Constable Neyla to gain access to Dimitri's discothèque.
Disco Demolitions Bentley
Bentley destroys the disco ball in the discothèque to weaken the moorings on the nightclub's giant sign.
Operation: Thunder Beak Sly, Bentley, Murray
The Cooper Gang works together to bring down the giant peacock sign and retrieve the Clockwerk Tail Feathers.
Printing Press Duel Sly
Sly confronts Dimitri in his printing press room to recover the Clockwerk Tail Feathers.

The GetawayEdit


Gambling shot

The Cooper Gang thwarts Dimitri's counterfeiting operation and steals Clockwerk's Tail Feathers. Carmelita and Neyla arrive to arrest Dimitri and shut down his nightclub. In celebration of a successful heist, the Gang spends a week in Monaco.



The safe is located in Dimitri's office and is opened with the combination 2-3-1. Upon opening it, Sly receives the Knockout Dive.


Sly 2 Band of Thieves - The Black Chateau The Setup

Sly 2 Band of Thieves - The Black Chateau The Setup

Sly 2 Band of Thieves - The Black Chateau The Getaway

Sly 2 Band of Thieves - The Black Chateau The Getaway


  • This episode shares several similarities with An Opera of Fear from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.
    • They both take place in a major real-world city.
    • They are both the first episode of their game.
    • The events of both episodes are mentioned in an episode following them.
    • Both of their bosses are musically inclined.
    • They are both located in Europe.
    • They both include Dimitri.
    • They both have a stage.
    • Both have the Smoke Bomb and Knockout Dive available.
  • The disco can be seen from Dimitri's office.
  • As Bentley, before heading to the repair truck during the heist, you can use bombs to destroy the supports near the entrance of the nightclub, which will create a ramp for Sly to climb up in the next part of the heist. This is never stated to the player and may have been a minor objective excluded from the final game.
  • Since this is an episode in Sly 2 where you lock up the main antagonist, if you hover over the episode in the episode list, an INTERPOL symbol appears in the bottom left-hand corner. Press SquareButton when you see it and you can watch the bonus video.
  • In the PAL version of the game, the gambling scene was removed from the getaway cutscene. As The Sly Collection was likely a port of the PAL version of the game (due to the tendency for these later released versions to have minor bug fixes and faster load times), it also is missing the gambling scene.
  • This episode is referenced by Arpeggio several episodes later and then returned to at the end.
  • In the PS3 version, the music for "Operation: Thunder Beak" is remixed. In the Vita version, it plays the fight version throughout.
  • In gameplay, when Sly grabs the tail feathers after defeating Dimitri, he picks them up with two arms like they are heavy, but in the cinematic, he is seen easily holding them in one hand.
    • Additionally in the cinematic, the tail feathers are those of a normal owl, not a mechanical one.