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The Beast was a huge serpent Sly encountered in Haiti. It had red and yellow scales, red-pink eyes and razor
Giant Serpent

Sly runs from The Beast.

sharp teeth. During the mission Lair of the Beast, Sly explored The Beast's territory in search of a Treasure Key, only to end up running for his life when The Beast awoke. Due to its tremendous size, the Beast could not be damaged. Sly later uses The Beast to bash through a barricade to gain access to more of Mz. Ruby's lair.


  • The Beast is a very large sea serpent, possibly larger than Clockwerk.
  • Nearly every character fears it, including Mz. Ruby, who keeps it in a large swamp cage with one of the treasure keys.
  • When Sly opens the 3-lock cage in Haiti, it comes out and destroys a large gate that blocked the Ghost Production Facility.
  • In another video game series created by Sucker Punch called inFAMOUS, the main antagonist of the second game is called "The Beast."
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