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You wanted to be a trapeze artist? Here's your chance.
Bentley to Sly Cooper.[1]

Juggling Act
Robin sly 6
In-Game Information
LocationMedieval England
Completed bySly Cooper
Chronological Information
PreviousShopping Spree
NextCane Swipe
Real World Information
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Of Mice and Mechs

Juggling Act was a job completed in Medieval England by Sly Cooper.


Sly sets out for the circus tent, where it is rumored Sir Galleth is being held captive.[1]


After gathering all the needed materials, Bentley was able to create Sly's Archery Costume that he could use in breaking Sir Galleth Cooper out of the circus. Bentley had located an entrance to the circus tent Galleth was in, and Sly climbed up to the top of a nearby tower for a better vantage point. Once there, he equipped the Archery Costume and used it to clear a gap and get to the top of the circus tent.

Inside, Bentley told Sly that he would need to stay off the floor of the circus tent, as it was rigged with motion sensors. Sly utilized the Archery Costume to help him traverse the tent and get to the platform where Bentley suspected Galleth was. He indeed found Galleth there and they went back to the safe house.[1]


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