Murray: Great snakes on a stick! I don't believe it!
Penelope: What? You found the signal?
Murray: It's the team van! Last time I saw it, it was floating away on a block of ice in Canada... and now it's here.
— After finding the Cooper Van[src]

"Tearful Reunion" was a job for Murray, Penelope and the Panda King in A Cold Alliance of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


While looking for a mysterious signal, Murray spots the Cooper Van frozen in ice. Get it back to the Safe House.


The mysterious signal was in fact the Cooper Van, trapped within a block of ice. The first step was taking it out of the water, by using the RC chopper, avoiding guards and missiles. Then, Murray broke the ice, but there was no way they could carry the van to the safehouse. So, Murray attached himself to the van and it was up to Penelope to protect him from the environment threats, such as guards and traps. Unfortunately, she ran out of fuel as spikes blocked Murray's path. Despite his predicament, he refused to abandon the Van again. His determination touched Panda King and he decided to help Murray using a turret. Once he returned to the safe house, it's job completed.


  • In real life, the Kunlun Mountains are landlocked, so it would actually be impossible for the van to float there.

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