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Murray: Look...I want to help you. You're like my second best friend! It's just that I promised I'd stay here and "peacefully" meditate till the black water ran pure.
Bentley: Well...what if you could help us peacefully? You wouldn't have to punch anyone.
Murray: I'm in! Keep it peaceful and I'll smash up anything you'd like!
— Murray and Bentley discuss destroying the tar drums around Venice[src]

"Tar Ball" was a job for Bentley and Murray in An Opera of Fear of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Bentley and Murray meet up near the river. They discuss that in order to make "the black water run pure," they need Murray to use his Aboriginal Ball Form to destroy six tar drums around the city. Bentley returns to the Safe house and Murray begins the task. Once all of the tar drum's are out of the picture, Murray goes back to meditating while Sly and Bentley continue their operation.


  • If Murray punches anyone, it will result in a job fail. However, he can destroy an enemy if he crushes them using his ball form.
  • In the trilogy, Murray's bounces do not go as high as they do in the original PS2 version.

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