Tanks are minor security forces employed by the Contessa to protect her castle and by Neyla on her war against the Contessa. A tank is also used by members of the Cooper Gang on several occasions.


Neyla also used these tanks to patrol around her HQ. These tanks possessed a level of extreme durability, as well as acute senses. They were capable of firing projectiles for ammunition (though they were very slow in concern to speed) and would shoot anything within their path. They were also capable of projecting an electric force field, which would shock anything within its radius. Unlike Neyla's INTERPOL tanks, these tanks could not be destroyed through any means.

In Jailbreak, there's one tank guarding the Contessa's prison. In "Operation: Trojan Tank," Bentley and Sly Cooper steal a tank and use it to get past the prison security gates and gain access to Murray's cell block.

In A Tangled Web, there are numerous tanks guarding Neyla's headquarters and Contessa's castle.

In "Tank Showdown," Murray steals one of Contessa's tanks and uses it to destroy 6 of Neyla's tanks. He also operates a tank in "Operation: High Road" to prevent Carmelita Fox from fleeing with Clockwerk's eye.


  • In A Tangled Web, these tanks will sometimes glitch. If you get caught, it will stay in its place and continue firing even if you are out of sight.


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