Carmelita: You look familiar to me, are you in law enforcement?
Sly: I often deal with police while on the job.
— Carmelita and Sly while they're dancing

"Tango with Carmelita" was a job in A Starry Eyed Encounter of Sly 2: Band of Thieves, and a continuation of "Bomb the Bridge."

It is the second of three parts of "Operation: Hippo Drop," the first and last parts being "Bomb the Bridge" and "Clear the Way for Murray," respectively.


After Bentley bombs the palace's bridge, Rajan, sitting on his chair in the ballroom, will get word of this and immediately sends his guards to investigate this. Without anymore guards standing watch over the Clockwerk wings, Sly gives Murray the green light to start his descent to the statue, while he distracts the crowd by dancing with Carmelita.


  • Distract the crowd by dancing with Carmelita, while Murray steals the Clockwerk wings


Dance with Carmelita to distract the crowd while Murray lowers into position and grabs the Clockwerk wings.
— In-Game Description

This dance is just like the dance with Neyla—memorize the sequence of buttons that appear on the screen, then repeat the sequence shown to complete a series of moves. A short time after the start of their tango, Carmelita mentions to Sly that he looks familiar, and even asks him if he's in law enforcement. Sly responds with saying he very often does deal with police while on the job.

While the two dancers are getting romantic, Murray cuts the wings off the statue, and begins his rise back up. Make sure you don't mess up the dance too much. If Rajan gets too bored from the dance, he will see Murray trying to take the wings and you will fail the mission.

At the end of the dance, Carmelita asks the 'stranger' his name. Sly doesn't answer that question as he states they shouldn't ruin the moment. They are soon abruptly interrupted by Rajan, who is in shock and anger, when he sees that the wings are gone from the statue. Carmelita is confused too, and as she tries to make sense of the situation, she feels something in her hair. She pulls it out and finds out that the thing was a rose with Sly Cooper's calling card on it. This makes Carmelita realize Sly stole the wings.


  • When Carmelita finds the rose that Sly left in her hair, Neyla can be seen in the background with her original clothing on, not her dress.

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