The classic tale of a wandering samurai hippo, known for his great strength and great appetite, especially for sushi rolls.
— In-game description[src]

The Tales of a Samurai Hippo Comic was a Treasure found in Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It is worth 145 Coins.


It is a comic book bound in wood. On the cover is a painting of the samurai hippo in a classic Japanese landscape.


This treasure is located behind an Arabian door. To get to it, you must stand on top of Rioichi's sushi house and use the Archer Costume to fire an arrow at a target. Cross the rope, and then change to the Thief Costume. To the left of the door is a switch, so Ninja Spire Jump on top of it, then use the Thief Costume's time slow ability. Jump towards the door, and enter it to unlock it for good. Grab the treasure and head back to the safe house in 30 seconds to get 145 coins and add Tales of a Samurai Hippo Comic to your treasure wall.