Quotes relating to Sunset Snake Eyes of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Last CallEdit

Muggshot: What? My boys have been yapping about some big mysterious dude running around and cracking skulls and, and this is it? You're the monkey wrench in my operation? Some scrawny rat with a stick... Wait a second, I've seen that stick before.
Sly: Maybe when my father knocked your block off with it.
Muggshot: Your father? Whoa! You're a Cooper? You know, that "Thingus Raccamagoocus" had a lot of nice pictures but WAY too many big words.
Sly: So you don't mind just handing it over?
Muggshot: What are you, kidding? You break into my place, steal my stuff, trash the joint. I feel transgressed and violated. Let's rock!
— Before the fight
Muggshot: This is impossible! A little pipsqueak like you, beating a big, strong bruiser like me? It ain't right! You want all of that stupid picture book? You're gonna have to go down to Haiti and cross paths with Mz. Ruby, and then believe me, you don't want to be you.
— After the fight