Sunset Snake Eyes is the second episode of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It takes place in Mesa City, Utah, US and the main antagonist is Muggshot, the chief enforcer of the Fiendish Five.



As the gang studies up on Muggshot, they learn that he grew up as the "runt of the litter," always being bullied and picked on. He looked up to gangsters found on the big screen and knew that's what he wanted to be. Determined to earn the respect we wanted, he spent the rest of his youth working hard to get there. Becoming a tough-as-nails gangster, he eventually took control of Mesa City and built a massive casino, driving everybody out of town.


"A Rocky Start"
Sly infiltrates Mesa City. He finds it odd that it's deserted, but soon discovers that the reason why the population left is because Muggshot scared them all off. Sly battles some of Muggshot's goons, including brutes, watch dogs, and convicts. Once he finds the Treasure Key, he moves on to the next level.
"Muggshot's Turf"
Sly enters the main hub level of Sunset Snake Eyes. Here, he discovers that Muggshot resides inside the giant fire hydrant located on top of the largest casino in Mesa City. He then moves on to the next mission.
"At the Dog Track"
Murray is challenged to a race by Muggshot's goons. The big prize is a treasure key. Murray must beat the other racers in order for Sly to continue.
"Boneyard Casino"
One of the few buildings still populated within Mesa City, the Boneyard Casino, is falling apart and filling with water. Sly must recover the treasure key and avoid the mobsters in order to continue.
"Murray's Big Gamble"
Murray tries to retrieve one of the treasure keys, but he needs covering fire. Sly must use the blasting station in order to protect Murray from Muggshot's goons.
"Two to Tango"
Sly meets Carmelita Fox, who tries to arrest him. Sly must evade her and retrieve the treasure key.
"Straight to The Top"
Sly must retrieve one of the two last treasure keys, but this time, he needs the help of a wrecking ball to get to it. Once he collects the key, he moves on to the next level.
"Back Alley Heist"
Sly tries to recover the last of Muggshot's treasure keys, but he needs to be careful not to fall from the tall buildings he's now climbing. Once he collects the final key, he's ready to face Muggshot.
"Last Call"
Finally, Sly finds himself face-to-face with the Fiendish Five's enforcer, Muggshot. The dastardly bulldog is not too keen on letting Sly take his page of the Thievius Raccoonus without a fight. Sly must finish Muggshot off to reclaim what's his. After being defeated, he is forced to give away the location of the next boss, Mz. Ruby.


Muggshot's section of the Thievius Raccoonus contained an entry for Sly's gun-slinging ancestor, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper. His specialty was the Rail Walk and Rail Slide, which were moves perfected through Tennessee's long time of theft in the Old West. Getting out of town proved to be more challenging than getting in due to the INTERPOL authorities arriving. Having just missed the Cooper Gang, Carmelita went for the next best thing and arrested Muggshot instead. That marked the end of Muggshot's gambling empire and Mesa City's citizens soon returned home.

Sly and the gang then enjoyed the rest of their stay in the USA, and then returned to Paris, ready for their next mission.



  • This is the first level in the series to take place in the United States.
  • Sly mentions that it's been a while since he's been back in the US.
  • This episode and Fire in the Sky shares several similarities:
    • Both feature a mission where Carmelita is trying to catch Sly.
    • Both have a racing mission and one where you have to protect Murray.
    • Both of the bosses are big and they both reappear in Sly 3.
    • Both have the same amount of enemy types.