Stealth Slam is a move that Sly Cooper can use to take down enemies in Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. All playable members of the Cooper Clan in Thieves in Time have their own variation on the stealth slam.

To perform a stealth slam, the player must be near a guard and press TriangleButton followed by SquareButton. This defeats the guard instantly, but only works if Sly or the ancestors have not been detected by the guard.


Note that these variants are performed with the same button combination.


Sly Cooper knocks opponents into the air then slams them down to the ground with his cane. He continues to do this until he buys the Silent Obliteration move from the ThiefNet, in which he will spin around the target to take them out.


Murray can do his slam in the middle of a fight, but not with bosses or flashlight guards. He knocks them in the air and then punches them, knocking them out instantly. The technique is known as the roundhouse punch. Murray cannot perform this in Thieves in Time.

Rioichi Cooper

Rioichi Cooper strikes a guard then leaps into the air, shooting shurikens into their backs with his twin canes.

"Tennessee Kid" Cooper

"Tennessee Kid" Cooper knocks a guard, then shoots them with his cane gun.

Bob Cooper

Bob Cooper attacks a guard, then pounces on them with his bone club.

Sir Galleth Cooper

Sir Galleth Cooper strikes an opponent, then stabs them with his lance.

Salim al-Kupar

Salim al-Kupar knocks out a guard, then uses his magic lamp to dispatch them.


While Bentley doesn't have a stealth slam, he does have an equivalent. In Sly 2, Sly 3 and Thieves in Time, Bentley can take out enemies in one hit by shooting them with his sleep darts, then dropping a bomb on them to take them out. A second way in Honor Among Thieves and Thieves in Time, however, is to sneak up behind a guard and hold TriangleButton to place a bomb in their pocket and have it explode.

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