Uhh, hello mercenary tank forces... would you mind spinning your turrets for me?... Gads, this is really cool! I mean... you are all... really cool. Carry on.
— Bentley while impersonating Neyla.[src]

"Stealing Voices" was a job for Sly Cooper in A Tangled Web of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Bentley instructs Sly to steal a wiretap and a voice modulator from The Contessa, whom she's planning to use to change her voice and control Neyla's mercenaries, so they can do that instead.

Sly steals the keys from the two guards, which allows him to unlock the guard room, get past the guards, then steal the wiretap. He then goes back out and steals two more keys from the guards that are patrolling on the edge of the castle.

Sly then enters the castle's front door and tricks the guards that are watching the inside, sneaking past them and stealing the voice modulator. After leaving the castle, he steals the keys from the two guards that are circling a guillotine, which allow him to enter the sewers. Inside are several guards, as well as a giant squid. Sly gets past them all and installs the wiretap and voice modulator.

Bentley then turns them on and tries out the system, which works, changing his voice from his own to Neyla's.