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Keep your head down, stay clear... I'm going gonna smash a lot of skulls and I don't want yours to be one of them.
— Murray to Bentley before he battles an onslaught of Dr. M's creations outside the Cooper Vault's entrance[src]

"Stand Your Ground" was a job for Murray and Bentley in Honor Among Thieves of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Protect the entrance to the Cooper Vault at all costs.

How to Complete

After a cutscene, you take control of Murray. You must protect Bentley and the entrance of the Cooper Vault from Dr. M's mutant guards. There will be four to five rounds, and depending on the length of the battle, the enemies will start to drop dynamite, along with their other attacks.

Dr. M appears once you have defeated all of his guards, and after the cutscene, he locks arms with Murray, and you take control of Bentley. Penelope instructs you to take the treasure from the raccoon statues and place it on Dr. M's back. This will cause the statues to fire beams of electricity at Dr. M and weaken him. After each piece of treasure is placed, Dr. M's Flashlight Guards will appear. Use the Grapple-Cam's gun to take them out.

After you do this three times, there is a short cutscene, and the mission is complete.

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