St Mark's Campanile is a landmark in Venice of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


The tower is a tall structure with a giant sign attached to the front of it. It features many hooks, wall hooks players can use to climb up to the top. The sign was modeled after Don Octavio. Both of its arms would move before it was destroyed.


Run 'n BombEdit

Main article: Run 'n Bomb

During their operation in Venice, Sly Cooper and Bentley planned to make one of Octavio's advertising balloons impact with the sign to destroy it. However, the wind died out, and the balloon ended up caught in the sign. It was up to Sly to climb to the top of the tower and free the balloon. Once at the top, he whacked the sign to free the balloon, and what followed was an explosion that brought the sign down.


  • The tower is the tallest structure in Venice, and was able to be seen from almost every point in the city.
  • After the explosion, half of the Don Octavio sign is gone, making it impossible to climb to the very top through conventional methods.
  • It is possible to destroy the sign before starting "Run 'n Bomb." However, it will be automatically restored until that mission is completed.
  • The structure had a different design during the game's development. This can be seen in the Sly 3 demo.