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Spiked Sushi
SCTT SpikedSushi
In-Game Information
LocationFeudal Japan
Completed byRioichi Cooper
Chronological Information
PreviousPretty in Pinker
Something's Fishy
ConcurrentTiger Tail
NextAltitude Sickness
Real World Information
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Turning Japanese

Spiked Sushi was a job completed in Feudal Japan by Rioichi Cooper in the Turning Japanese episode of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Collect the secret poison used in Rioichi's famous knock-out sushi.[1]


The Dragon Gates, which guarded the entrance to El Jefe's palace, were patrolled by several guards at all times. If the Cooper Gang was to gain access to the palace, they would need to get rid of the guards first. To do so, Bentley tasked Rioichi with collecting from the Sashimi Caverns two samples of the Spiky Wall Climber, which secreted a mild toxin that could act as a sedative. He warned Rioichi, however, not to be knocked out by the substance himself.

Rioichi then began collecting the samples while avoiding or dealing with Rat Henchmen and Mammoth Lighting Bugs. After he collected the needed amounts, he departed from the caverns.[1]


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