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Sly: So you're saying I either land on the caboose... or get blown to bits.
Bentley: That's correct... chemistry can be a harsh mistress.
— Discussing the volatility of the spice balloons[src]

"Spice in the Sky" was a job for Sly Cooper in He Who Tames the Iron Horse of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Bentley pointed out that the large balloons floating above Nunavut Bay were filled with denatured spice gas. He tasked Sly with collecting some of the gas with a special vacuum backpack. The accumulation of the gas would create a blast strong enough to blow the locks off the caboose hatches on Jean Bison's Iron Horse trains. The spice gas was unstable at lower altitudes, so Sly would need to land on the caboose in order to have enough time to deliver the payload to the lock before it blew up.

Murray acquired an ice plane and used it to lift Sly up to where the balloons were. Sly used his paraglider to make his way from balloon to balloon. The spice gas was lighter than air, so whenever he popped a balloon to collect the gas he would be kept aloft. When the gas tank was filled up with spice gas Sly paraglided down to the caboose of an Iron Horse and quickly set the tank on the lock, jumping off the train just as it exploded. He returned to ice plane and collected two more tanks of gas for the other two locks.

With the locks on the caboose hatches gone, the Cooper Gang could gain access to the interior of the Iron Horse trains. Job complete.


  • The balloons don't appear in the sky until the beginning of this job. After the completion of the job they immediately disappear.

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