Sneak into the temple and take some recon photos so I can assess the situation. Just be careful, if you get hurt the nearest hospital is 106 miles from here.
— Bentley warning Sly while inside the Indian Jungles[src]

"Spice Room Recon" was a job for Sly Cooper in The Predator Awakes of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It is the first job in this episode.

Background Edit

Sly needs to sneak into the temple and takes some recon photos of Rajan's operation.


Bentley needs Sly to sneak inside Rajan's spice temple to take a few recon photos to create a plan for the heist. Sly must sneak in through a hidden passage beneath the waterfall. Bentley warns him to not get hurt since it is 106 miles to the nearest hospital.

Once Sly is in, he finds Rajan's spice production facility. From what he knows of photosynthesis, Bentley pinpoints that all of the expensive equipment should be found at the top of the room, which Sly can get up to via an access tube. Sly heads for the top, but must avoid the guards along the way. Once he gets there, he must take photos of Rajan holding his half of the Clockwerk heart, a crane keeping the other half suspended, and the entrance to that particular level. After that, Sly heads back to the safe house so the gang can sort this out.