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What's going on down there? It looks like spice production has fallen behind... Wait? It's completely stopped!
— Rajan, after Sly destroy's the spice grinder

"Spice Grinder Destruction" was a job for Sly Cooper in The Predator Awakes of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Use TNT Barrels to destroy Rajan's spice grinding facility.
— In-Game Description

Sly must destroy the spice grinder with a barrel of TNT so Rajan can no longer manufacture any more spice and come out of hiding with the Clockwerk heart on his staff.


  • Destroy the spice grinder


The hallways leading to the grinder are protected by laser fences. Sly can jump into the TNT barrel, and then he should bring it over to the control panel near one of the fences. Jump out of the barrel to light its fuse, and keep back when it blows up the panel, shutting off the lasers.

The chute will continue to drop out more TNT barrels, so take another one and use it to destroy a second panel ahead. Leap between more lasers, sneak past the spotlights on the sloped path, and leap between even more lasers.

The grinder room is a large circular chamber. The spice grinder is the wheel revolving around the small pit of spice at the top of the central area. A chute that continues to drop out TNT barrels can be found at the bottom of this room. Sneak past or defeat the guards there. If Sly stops still inside a TNT barrel, guards or spotlights will not detect him.

First, use a TNT barrel to blow up the control panel for the lasers blocking the gate leading back to the earlier corridors. Next, take another TNT barrel up the sloped path. Bring it across the high walkway and over to the grinder. Put the TNT barrel on top of the pit of spice and set it off there to blow up the grinder.

Once the grinder is destroyed, Rajan will realize through his intercom that spice production has stopped completely.


  • If Sly wants extra coins, he can open the energy field gate nearby and smash up the suitcases in there.

Video Walkthrough

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Spice Grinder Destruction04:33

Sly 2 Band of Thieves Walkthrough - Spice Grinder Destruction

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