This is a list of all known cheats, exploits and glitches for Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Conserving livesEdit

To conserve lives, access the map screen and change levels or restart the level while the death animation is playing. When the game resumes, you will have the same amount of lives.

Police HQEdit

This exploit allows the player to complete the level without entering Police Headquarters. Instead of climbing up the water tower, go past it to the very back of the roof. You will be standing near a spinning vent. Jump on to the antenna and then jump towards the corner of the building. You will then grab onto the edge. Jump up without pushing forward, and you will land on the corner. Now jump towards the middle of the building face and, if done correctly, you will fall down into the parking lot. Since Carmelita will not be here, you can freely run through the parking lot to the Cooper Van.

Note: Doing this exploit prevents you from opening the vault on the current save file and will therefore make 100% completion impossible. If playing on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, the trophies "Foxy Lady" and "Greedy Raccoon," obtained by collecting the police file and opening all vaults respectively, will be missed.


Title screen glitchEdit

Press StartButton right before the opening sequence finishes and you'll have control of Sly, and your movements will be relative to the slow rotating camera of the title screen. Heading to the water tower to trigger the stealth aura tutorial will bring up the binocucom cutscene, but the cutscene will not proceed. To exit, open the pause menu and load a save file.

Police Headquarters glitchEdit

Climb up and head around the water tower like normal, but when you get to the air vent that you must sneak through, jump on top of it and follow the vent to the slanted roof. There are some pipes here; drop down onto the small ledge next to them. From here, you must jump out, away from the building. If you jump at the right angle and distance, you will fall down without losing a life or horseshoe. You should then be able to free roam outside of the level and head out to the Eiffel Tower. Swinging your cane while attempting the glitch seems to help. If you fail to attempt this glitch while you have a horseshoe, you will become invincible for a moment. As long as you take fall damage while covered with the red outline, you will not die, allowing essentially infinite attempts.

Mesa City glitchEdit

After collecting three treasure keys in Muggshot's hub level, you can unlock the jammed hot rod. Stand in front of the car end aimed at the casino, then swing your cane at the lever and you will be thrown up into the air as high as the casino, but more often than not, you will be thrown completely out of the city, causing it to disappear and suspending you in a jump pose until you pause and leave to the van.

"Straight to the Top" car glitchEdit

In the mission "Straight to the Top" in Sunset Snake Eyes, if you jump onto one of the cars that is hanging off of the building while it is falling, you will fall down with it, and from there, you will be constantly falling.

Fire in the Sky glitchEdit

If you are sliding on a rope in the mission "The Unseen Foe" without jumping off of it onto the platform it leads to, you will sometimes slide right past it into a vast purple emptiness.

Fire in the Sky boss glitchEdit

In the boss battle with Panda King, it is possible to give Panda King unlimited health. Simply hit him until he is one hit away from defeat, then use the Mine Power-up to deplete his health bar. Even though Panda King's health bar will be at zero, he will still be alive and impervious to any attacks from Sly. Thus, you must redo the boss battle.

"A Temporary Truce" exploration glitchEdit

Before attempting to do this glitch, you'll need a few power ups;

Before entering the level, have the Dive power-up equipped. While Sly runs up to Carmelita upon entry, mash TriangleButton to dive left or right into the lava. The lava has the properties of water, meaning Sly won't get burned and will jump right back up to the cliff. The normal cutscene won't play, but the mattes (black cinematic lines) will still be present during gameplay. You can get rid of these by bringing up the map with SelectButton. Now you have the freedom to explore the level, and Fire Slugs and Robo-Falcons won't appear. Some of the tubes the Fire Slugs spawn from can allow you to perform the ledge sneaking move. The pipe that Sly can Rail Walk on is breakable, and most of the other objects are not solid. Dying from the electric obstacle on the Rail Slide or drowning will restart the level.

Mega jumpEdit

This glitch is one of the more complicated and difficult to pull off. You must have all of these things;

  • A place to stand on
  • Water or an edge to fall off
  • A Lucky Charm or the Water Safety/Briefly Defy Gravity power-ups.

Whenever Sly touches the ground after jumping, a little cloud of dust appears. Wherever this dust appears is considered the last place Sly touched the ground. You can stop the dust from appearing by jumping, then just before hitting the ground, pressing SquareButton and immediately jumping again. No dust cloud will appear. If you get from one place to another without the dust cloud appearing, and then jump off an edge or hit the water, you will sail back to where you last 'touched the ground', or where the dust last appeared. This glitch can be used to fly through the cannon in Raleigh's hideout (skipping four levels), and into the elevator in Muggshot's hideout (skipping three levels). It can also be achieved within levels to bounce through the end of level portals. The Slow Motion Jump can also help make this glitch much easier.

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