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Administrators (also called sysops) are users who can perform actions that are unavailable to normal users. Some administrators are also bureaucrats, who have the same abilities as a regular administrator but can also add or remove user rights.

Administrators are entrusted with access to certain tools to aid in the upkeep of the site. With this in mind, they are not the "bosses" of the wiki or its users, nor can they shut out the opinions of others. Administrators are, however, responsible for addressing disruption on the wiki by other users, and have the ability to block someone from editing or commenting. For a full explanation of administrators' abilities, refer to the help page.

For a standard user to become an administrator, a bureaucrat must promote them. Users who have made high-quality contributions and have shown consistent activity may be considered for adminship; however, administrators are typically appointed on a per-need basis.

Current administrators

User Status Adminstrator since # of edits Bureaucrat?
Teenbat Active November 2012 13,664 Yes
Mousekat Active November 2011 3,702 No
Shrev64 Inactive July 2010 8,423 Yes
Zako11 Inactive August 2011 1,581 No

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